About Intercrop

Established in 1992 the Intercrop Group is one of the leading salad growers in Europe. Intercrop grows 30 different types of crops on our farms in the UK and Spain, with two sites Intercrop is able to produce fresh, high quality crops for 12 months of the year.

Our key strengths


Seasonal Update

Summer Season 2018 has now started with good crop quality and availability

Our Mission Statement

"Our mission is to build upon our long tradition of quality, value and consistency of supply, introducing new and innovative products into the market place to meet the specific needs of our customers. We aim to achieve these goals through strategic planning and careful implementation, whilst upholding our responsibilities to shareholders, employees and suppliers, and respecting the needs of the environment and communities within we operate."

Our products

Whole Head

Wholehead lettuces are plants that have been allowed to grow to their optimum size and maturity

Whole Head crops

Babyleaf and Spinach

Baby leaf lettuce is drilled at high density and machine harvested with specially designed harvesting equipment, to produce small delicate individual salad leaves.

Babyleaf and Spinach crops


Multileaf lettuce are a new development in a lettuce breeding

Multileaf crops


Herbs are aromatic plants, used for food flavouring.

Herbs crops


Through our on farm BRC accredited packing facility, we offer a range of packed solo and mixed leaf, to meet specific individual customer requirements.

Prepacked crops