Multileaf are the development in a lettuce breeding that gives heads that will produce “individual” small leaves with minimal cut surfaces, to improve shelf life. Multileaf varieties are available in a range of leaf shapes, sizes and colours, and can be supplied as either whole head or as a machine harvest loose leaf, depending on varieties and types selected.

Small heads of multiple individual soft buttery rounded leaves, dark red in colour with nicely contrasting green centres, with mild flavour.

Red Butterhead Salanova®

Small heads of multiple individual soft rounded leaves. The flavour is mild and buttery with an attractive green through yellow to white colour on individual leaves.

Green Butterhead Salanova®

Distinctive spiky "Coral" shaped leaves, giving a slightly bitter flavour. The colour on individual leaves ranges from deep dark red to light green at the base. Leaf texture is robust and provides very good volume due to the three dimensional nature of the type.

Multileaf Red Coral

Deeply incised red leaves with a crisp texture, which provides very small cut surfaces, giving very good shelf life.

Multileaf Red Incised

Similar in leaf shape and colour to traditional Rosso, but with the added advantage that leaves are incised, so that once harvested or prepared, small individual leaves with minimal cut surface are produced.

Multileaf Rosso

Deeply incised green leaves with a crisp texture and mild sweet flavour.

Multileaf Green Incised

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