Babyleaf and Spinach

Baby leaf lettuce is drilled at high density and machine harvested with specially designed harvesting equipment, to produce small delicate individual salad leaves.

Dark green oval shaped leaves, with a soft texture and mild creamy flavour.

Baby Spinach

Adolescent Spinach, not quite grown up. Larger leaf, more mature characteristics.

Teen Spinach

Baby Red Leaf comes in varying shades of red, from deep vibrant red to more delicate cherry reds.

Baby Red Leaf

Young tender individual leaves of bright green frilled lettuce.

Baby Tango

Individual green salad leaves grown in various shapes, with mild flavour.

Baby Green Leaf

Individual leaves with round or oval shape with mid to dark green colour, sometimes with silver hue.

Baby Green Kale

Baby leaf chard with bright green leaves with striking red stems and veins, typical earthy chard flavour.

Red Chard

Mid green, deeply indented spiky leaf with a mild brassica flavour.


Oriental brassica with dark green spoon shaped leaves and white stems.


Organic Spinach

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