Whole Head

Wholehead lettuces are plants that have been allowed to grow to their optimum size and maturity to allow full characteristics of the leaf shape and flavour to develop. Each head is selected, harvested by hand and placed in crates on the field to ensure maximum quality and freshness.

It is extremely decorative lettuce and is instantly recognisable, with vibrant colour and highly frilled leaves.

Lollo Rosso

A soft red lettuce with distinctive “Oak Leaf” shaped leaves, combination of Deep Red and Green contrast.

Red Oak Leaf

A loose incised green leaf, particularly suited for production from Wholehead Lettuce.

Apollo (Green Frilly Lettuce)

A bright green sweet crunchy lettuce with large bubbled leaves.

Green Batavia

Bright vibrant red leaves with white veins and leaf base. A leaf Chicory in a form of small round compact heads.


Dark green upright lettuce with blanched centres when hearted up. Leaves are thick and crisp with a sweet buttery flavour.

Cos Lettuce

Very fine curly incised leaved endive with a slightly bitter flavour. Colour is mid green with white or yellow hearts.

Fine Frisee

A large curly leaved endive with a clean bitter flavour. Loose open heads with yellow centres and dark green outer leaves.

Coarse Frisee

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